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Production Equipment

High volume stud welding with a portable systems can be monotonous, time consuming and innacurate - especially where quality and accuracy is sacrificed due to operator fatigue.

All Keystone production stud welding systems are designed to save time and money producing consistent weld quality, repeatable locational accuracy and a significant efficiency gain. From a small Table-Top System to a fully integrated CNC controllable system, our technical sales staff can configure a system to suit your requirements.

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CNC Production Equipment

Custom CNC Production Equipment
Capacitor Discharge Stud Weld Gun with Twin-Leg Footpiece Setup

Components - Hand Guns, Studfeeding System, Weld Head

TSK-310 Capacitor Discharge Stud Weld Gun with Twin-Leg Footpiece Setup · HP-1022 Heavy-Duty Drawn-Arc Stud Welding Gun · HP-314 Drawn Arc Stud Welding Gun · HP-319 Drawn Arc Stud Welding Gun · SIK-2 Weld Head · Automatic Stud Feeding Systems · Autofeed Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding Gun
SPM Stationary Gun Support

SPM Stationary Gun Support



Capacitor Discharge & Drawn Arc Stud Welding Video
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